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Traditionally, estate agents represent the interests of property owners whilst the buyer is left to find his or her own way.

This service is designed to address this imbalance.

Vision & Mission

Clients are able to take advantage of our network of local, national and international contacts built up over a period of many years. When acting for the buyer, the objective is to purchase at the keenest possible level, although quality inevitably comes at a price. Clients are able to utilise knowledge and impartial advice to make an investment on optimum terms, with valuable savings in both time and cost.


We are a search and acquisition business with a long pedigree. The initials GWD refer to the original three founding partners, James Geddes, Deborah Walker and Hugh Dixon. James however continues to share his knowledge with nearly 20 years to the benefit of GWD’s clients, across central London.

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James Geddes
James Geddes


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With 18 years’ worth of knowledge in the market whilst acting for buyers, James is one of the most experienced advisors in London.

James has travelled extensively throughout the Middle East and still acts for many clients from this region. He also works with numerous other nationalities giving honest and impartial advice.

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